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Carmel Estates

“Over the top,”… just three simple words that accurately sum up a very complex outdoor living project by award-winning designer Ryan Hughes Design Build. Encompassing no less than five bodies of water, multiple fire features and state of the art leisure elements, Caramel Estate is a one of a kind venue designed for enjoyment whether for family leisure or corporate gatherings. Carmel Estate “flows” with amazing features across levels and layers each made for enjoyment.

“Carmel Estate, in all its size and complexity, is a great example of a trend we are seeing creating outdoor spaces to no longer only be an extension of the interiors; but a primary living area on its own,” explains Ryan Hughes, creative director/founder. “Using depth, texture and shifts in elevation, the overall aesthetic of Carmel Estate is defined as just that.”

From the estate’s distinctive front entrance with a geometric turf design and adjacent fire bowls, Carmel Estate features a custom welcoming design to entice family to business guests. Within the home’s backyard lies the centerpiece of this multi-million-dollar outdoor space sitting within the moving and custom waters; a cantilever pavilion with outdoor lights and adjacent palms. Under the cantilever portico dining and lounging furnishings are featured on marble tile surfaces on multiple levels. Piercing the river and connecting the pavilion cover to the waters below is a column of streaming illuminated waters plunging into the river next to a glass aqua wall.

Multiple levels of glistening waters to sunken fire pits, lounge shelves to entertainment venues are expertly crafted within the immense outdoor living spaces of Carmel Estate. Crystal fountains and illuminated landscaping, glass clad pools and cantilevered structures, outdoor durable furnishings and marble tile surfaces provide for outdoor entertaining and living.

Concrete lit steps make way to outdoor cabanas with dining and lounging furnishings adjacent to a spa and an infinity style sun shelf with loungers. Vibrant hues used on weather resistant fabrics set the sunken circular fire feature apart as the all-tile river surrounds it. Patio spaces with water shelves and pools add interest at every point. A modern slatted pergola is cantilevered over one of these glass tile pools. The river pours into the family pool positioned on a center line from the home’s grand window façade to the circular fire lounge. Bordering the windows are palms that tower and further celebrate the over the top theme.