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Reflecting the beauty and presence of its surroundings, a 360-degree perimeter overflow pool sits as the centerpiece of Solace—a Ryan Hughes Signature outdoor living dream. The immense, glistening looking-glass reflects the simplicity of the design’s slender 7,000-square-feet of bay- front outdoor living space. Nestled within and along the home’s contemporary rear, stepped entry into the mirror-like pool and spa is complemented by geometric patios and a palm-lined terrace crafted for outdoor enjoyment and entertainment.

With the placement of minimal vertical elements throughout the Solace design, sunsets and relaxing waterfront views are totally unobstructed and able to be appreciated by family and welcome guests from anywhere within the space.

To create the “sheet of glass” appearance of Solace’s 645-square-foot pool and spa, the total perimeter is designed to overflow via site engineering and a Pentair 5-HP overflow pump that keeps the level constant despite use and mother natures’ attempts to disrupt the balance. The accompanying spa also provides a glass-like appearance while boasting an elevation of only ½” above the pool waterline.

The custom Ocean Blue Pebble Sheen glass tiled pool also includes a Badu swim jet system for fitness and a cooling sun shelf for relaxing. Included on the sun shelf is a designer TUUCI umbrella installed between two in -pool chaise loungers. Landmark Porcelain tile accents the pool’s overflow perimeter and a Shellstone surface with artificial turf adds distinction to Solace’s entertainment terraces. A cantilever TUUCI shade is the protective centerpiece of one faux turf sitting area. Professional illumination is provided by up lights and exterior smart lighting to highlight the impressive palms and accompanying outdoor landscaping as well as provide a safe entertaining space once the sun sets.